About Us

Every drop of our Truly Tasmanian 100% pure extra virgin olive oil comes from fruit grown organically by our family and dedicated farming friends in the fertile soils of Tasmania. We cultivate the land and tend the trees using only traditional ecologically sustainable methods. We’re as close to organic as you can be without getting the official certification.


Our olives are picked late. We cold-press them to ensure the highest level of healthy antioxidants which means maximum flavour. We press each olive variety separately for greater variety of flavours. The results are robust Italian-style oils with a peppery finish and terrific flavour punch. Truly Tasmanian oil is great for both fine cooking and as a premium salad dressing. You can really taste the difference.


After we’ve harvested, we’ll have limited amounts of five or six different varieties of oil to offer, including the highly aromatic French Verdale. Each variety of oil has a slightly different flavour and if you’d like to know exactly which one will best suit your needs and tastebuds, call Glenys on 0411 254 255 and she’ll give you the good oil!


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